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Product Concept
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Target Product Profile (TPP)
(Product Concept/Design)

Describes the features of a product (such as a new crop variety or a medicine) that an organization or company is planning to develop or is developing for a given market segment (generally geographic).

Serves as a guide (blueprint) for the breeders to develop new products.

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Product Profile
(Passport Data)

The product profile is a document that describes the key characteristics of a particular product that distinguishes it from other products/competitors to meet specific customer/market demands.

Product profiles serve as guide for Breeders and Product Managers to determine best fit (advance/recommend/position) of new products to a customer/market segment (generally demographic) by matching it to the product concepts.

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Refers to any document that may support the development of a product profile

The document can be in any format such as a published paper, unpublished paper, technical report, PowerPoint presentations, etc

A short narrative about the evidence will be filled-in along with the submission of the document.